• Poured Walls
  • Foundations
  • Flatwork
  • Excavating
  • Trucking
  • Sitework
  • Footers
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Conveying
  • Demolition

Services We Offer

McConnell Poured Walls offers a full variety of poured concrete products and services to the building industry in Residential, Commercial and Agricultural venues.

To ensure accuracy, McConnell Poured Walls uses state-of-the-art technology such as Total Robotics Station and 3D CAD Engineering to provide efficient and effective ways to complete any project in a timely manner.

Our team is dedicated to working together with customers to meet construction needs regardless of size or complexity of project.

We strive to provide only the highest quality product and services as in a promptly and effective manner . By working in tandom with McConnell Excavating and McConnell Ready Mix, we can eliminate unnecessary inconsistencies and lead times and the potential frustration of hiring multiple contractors.

Concrete is time tested, cost effective, stable, fire resistant, energy efficient, low maintenance and a versatile product. In partnership with McConnell Ready Mix, we provide a superior consistent concrete mix tailored to fit project specifications and budget requirements.

Our Services....

  • Formed Poured Walls
    • 1' to 24' High Poured Walls
    • Smooth and brick patterns
    • Basements
    • Cast in place concrete
    • Retaining Walls
    • Steps
  • Footers
    • Trench Footing
    • Spread Footing
  • Foundations
    • Residential
      • Single Home
      • Multi Tenant Buildings
    • Commercial
      • Windmill Pads
      • Water Treatment Plants
    • Agriculture
      • Barns
      • Grain Bins
      • Manure Pits
      • Bunk Silo
      • Livestock Concrete Pads
  • Flatwork
    • Driveways
    • Sidewalks
    • Stamped/Color-stained Concrete Floors and Walkways
    • Patios and Decks
    • Garage Floors
  • Sitework
    • Excavation
    • Demolition
    • Underground Utilities
    • Sewers
    • Waterlines
    • Downspouts
    • Grading
    • Field Drains
    • Backfill
  • Trucking
    • Aggregate and Material Hauling/Delivery
    • Concrete Pumping
    • Material Placement via Conveyor

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